RECIS Real Estate

Real Estate CIS is a Group’s company active in promotion field, in development and commercialization of real estate, with a particular attention to dismissed urban areas recovery, development of production and chains, and tourist-hotel chains. Some of RECIS’s projects have been designed by important and international architectural masters – such as Mario Bellini and Richard Rogers – that have once again shown a great awareness to nature impact and heritage respect. RECIS’s goal is to increase its activity in the wide area that find its focal point in Verona metropolitan area, but also in small and medium cities in the North of Italy. Developer with financial nature, expression of entrepreneurial spirit and economic Italian system, the company has as a target to bring together private funds with new business opportunities, able to generate profits and to create satellite activities in the territory.

Verona Forum

by Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini signed the Forum Boario requalifica/on project for Verona Forum S.p.A. 
 A basement plate, dedicated to the main ci/zen fitness polo and a bar, is topped by two towers high more than 45 meters. One is a direc/onal unit, the other is dedicated to Crown Plaza Verona Fair Exhibi/on H…

Adige City

by Richard Rogers

Promoted by AIDA S.p.A. and made by Richard Rogers, one of the most influential contemporary architect, Adige City is the master plan of the recovery of Officine Adige in Verona and is going yo become the symbol of a new Verona. In addiction of a tower more than 100 meters high, the project includ…

Cascina Verde

by JTS Engineering

Promoted by Iride S.r.l., the project will become a new meeting place in Villafranca. There will be over 30.000 meters dedicated to activities for commercial, leisure and catering purpose. Cascina Verde is located in Villafranca di Verona, at the intersection between the road that connects Vero…

Polo Agroalimentare

by CIS

The project will be in the Verona area, in Trevenzuolo. It’s location between Verona and Mantua, next to Brennero highway, connected to it thanks to the under construction Nogarole/Nogara/Mare ring road and near airport, it’s a strategical element for the development of a such unique initiative…

Polo produttivo

by CIS

Eurolog S.p.A. company promotes the development of an area that will become a large production logistic center connected to the regional highway under Nogara / Adriatic Sea, which will be also joined to the A22 and is closed to railway sector. The location, of over 350.000 sqm, is ideally placed …