Polo produttivo

Informazioni sul progetto

Eurolog S.p.A. company promotes the development of an area that will become a large production logistic center connected to the regional highway under Nogara / Adriatic Sea, which will be also joined to the A22 and is closed to railway sector. The location, of over 350.000 sqm, is ideally placed in the existing road system and also nearly the train station in Nogara, at the intersection of the north-south / east-west lines providing connections both with railway and port. The project includes a covered area of ​​107,500 square meters for logistics, 92,000 square meters for the railway platform and approximative 4,500 square meters for residential and business use.

“A large product center at the crossroad of the most important european roads.”


Dati tecnici

Land area: sqm. 350,000
Covered area: sqm. 107,500


Logistics: sqm. 107,500
Railway platform: sqm. 92,000
Residential / Directional: sqm. 4,500