Polo Agroalimentare

Informazioni sul progetto

The project will be in the Verona area, in Trevenzuolo. It’s location between Verona and Mantua, next to Brennero highway, connected to it thanks to the under construction Nogarole/Nogara/Mare ring road and near airport, it’s a strategical element for the development of a such unique initiative. An integrate, comprehensive and ambitious project, that could achieve new business opportunity in agri-food italian industry with significant economics and social benefits. The designed area aims to be the physical space to improve the entire production chain from both the planning and quality aspect, offering specialized structures for promotion, processing, research and storage.

“An integrate agri-food platform to enhance the land and its productive area.”


Dati tecnici

Land area: sqm. 1.2898 million
Gross Floor Area: sqm. 575,000


Food & Wine: sqm. 70,000
Furniture / Design: sqm. 70,000
Lifestyle: sqm. 70,000
Directional: sqm. 40,000
Production: sqm. 45,000
Commercial: sqm. 45,000
Residential: sqm. 35,000
Culture: sqm. 10,000
Future expansion area: sqm. 190,000