Adige City

Informazioni sul progetto

Promoted by AIDA S.p.A. and made by Richard Rogers, one of the most influential contemporary architect, Adige City is the master plan of the recovery of Officine Adige in Verona and is going yo become the symbol of a new Verona. In addiction of a tower more than 100 meters high, the project includes residence and office space, a shopping center, a hotel and important social units (like students and kids center, polyclinic). It’s really a “city within a city” thanks to public areas and a large park. Adige City is located in the heart of the variant that will redraw South Verona, a few steps from the exit on t!he Milan - Venice A4 highway: a key point for the redevelopment of the historic ZAI of Verona.

“In the heart of our urban design there is the concept that ci/es exist to promote meetings between friends and strangers in public places surrounded by beau/ful buildings.”

[Richard Rogers]

Dati tecnici

Surface Area: sq.m. 100.592
Gross floor area: sq.m. 128.000


Residential: sq.m. 39.000
Directional tower: sq.m. 10.000
Directional: sq.m. 18.000
Commercial: sq.m. 40.000
Hotel: sq.m. 5.000
Social building: sq.m. 6.000
Affordable building: sq.m. 10.000

Park: sq.m. 30.000