CIS Group was born in 1993 and in a short period time he reached important targets such as bringing together entrepreneurs and financial brokers of North East, concentrating the activity on:

  • Various kind of real estate development projects (dismissed urban development areas, theme parks, logistics platforms and hospitality structures);
  • Investments in highway management companies in North East, with dual target of aiding real estate growth and support satellite activities / repercussions in local areas.

CIS is active with two specialized and focused companies : RECIS (Real Estate and CIS) and INFRACIS (Infrastructure CIS). Over the years, the ability to bring together private, industrial and financial capital for new investments initiatives has allowed the holding company’s financial role to be more stronger and to give a stronger operational role to the two sub-holdings companies.

Our Mission

Creating wealth and develop local economy: these are goals that CIS the Investment and Development Company has been pursuing since its establishment. The purpose of CIS is to bring together private (entrepreneurs and professional people) and financial (bank, insurance and foundations) funds to create new business opportunities oriented to produce economic repercussions on the territory.

CIS group is a financial holding that promotes and realizes important initiatives in real estate field with an allocated authority and competence aimed to comply investors’ needs, increasing their capital.

CIS is a “laboratory of territorial financing” focused on industrial assets recovery in urban areas, paying attention to the environment, heritage and natural inclinations of territories, and investing in highway infrastructures of North East of Italy; a financial strategy integrated with territory development.



CIS Group has concentrated investments in North East of Italy, in the wide area that find its focal point in Verona metropolitan area.

“The West side of North East”, one of the most strategic areas of Italy, in the forefront for economic development and quality of life; where transport, logistics and infrastructures networks are in continuous evolution, responds to evolving needs to an expanding territory.

A strategic territory where two of the most important corridors ,the no.1 Palermo-Berlin and the no. 5 Lisbon-Kiev, meets; two important routes in connection with important highways “Serenissima” and “Brennero”. CIS is planning to expand its working environment in next few years, creating new entrepreneurs and financial synergies up to new investment opportunities in the entire North of Italy.